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Denver‘s Bring Your Own Program Kicks Off July 1st

To reduce the number of disposable bags littered and landfilled, Denver is introducing a $0.10 fee on disposable bags and launching a mandated citywide “Bring Your Own Bag” program. The locations this applies to are TGS Grape (Denver North) at 4400 Grape St; TGS Wewatta (Union Station) at 1995 Wewatta St; and TGS Alameda (West Denver) at 2601 W. Alameda TGS Locations.

Exit bags must be the official TGS brand exit bags and childproof. The childproofing parts of the bag must still be intact and functional. Retail Management team members know our policy and can make the decision on your bag‘s adequate safety if there is any doubt.

Finally, TGS encourages all cannabis lovers across Colorado to minimize waste by bringing in a childproof exit bag to any Colorado location. While there is currently no fee in jurisdictions outside of Denver, we are committed to sustainable practices and would love your support.

Toast Slices: Premium Pre-Rolls for Any Taste

TGS and Toast Premium Products are teaming up to bring you Slices: high-quality and high-value pre-rolls, priced right and up to Toast and TGS award-winning quality standards. All pre-rolls are made using Toasts signature process for the most discreet and pure experience.

Toast Original Slices feature 2:1 CBD to THC blend, available in multi-packs of 2, 5, or 10.

Toast Classic Slices are strain-specific and available in .5-gram and 1-gram options.

Belushis Farm Blues Brothers® Pre-Rolls

TGS has partnered with legendary performer Jim Belushi and his Oregon-based cannabis company, Belushis Farm, to debut The Blues Brothers® Pre-Rolls in Colorado. Its premium cannabis on a mission...well, you know the rest.

Be sure to call your favorite TGS location to check availability.

TGS Pre-Rolls: New Additions

The Green Solution presents all-new pre-rolls featuring hemp wrapping, premium flower, and value-packed weight increments. Experience one today!

Flower Hemp-Wrapped Blunt

Image of a TGS Flower Hemp Wrapped Blunt

This TGS Hemp-Wrapped Blunt contains high-quality cannabis wrapped in a natural, dried hemp-leaf blunt wrapper. Its the classic blunt style you know and love in a perfectly portioned package. Available in .95 or 2 gram options.

Hash-Infused Pre-Roll

Image of a TGS Hash Infused Pre-Roll

This 1.2-gram pre-roll cone is an upgrade to our Regular Cone, featuring a bonus hash infusion for that extra kick. Available in strain-specific options.

Hash-Infused Blunt

Image of a TGS Hash Infused Blunt

This 1.2g blunt is the newest cannabis trinity we know youll fall in love with. Hemp, Hash, and High-quality Flower combine to create this divine, natural-inspired blunt.

Caviar Cone

Image of a NectarBee Caviar Cone

The Caviar Cone (1g total) consists of premium TGS flower soaked in Hash Oil and coated in Natural Trichomes for an impressively potent pre-roll that takes you and your friends higher.