By: Amber Blacharski

Do you have questions about the possible therapeutic effects of medical marijuana and hemp? You are not alone. And now, there is a resource to help you get the answers you need.

Due to marijuana'sSchedule 1 (federally illegal) status, even considering medical marijuana can be socially taboo. Medical marijuana is often the last resort when considering treatment options. Not to mention, public hospitals across the countryoften receive federal government fundingand fear losing funding if doctors working there were to prescribe medical marijuana, even if it's legal on the state level. This often deters medical professionals from educating themselves or others on medical marijuana.

So, after seriously considering medical marijuana as an option, your next question may be, where can I find valid and reliable information?

Leaf411: A Free Cannabis Information Hotline

Now you can call Leaf411 at 844-LEAF411 for FREE to speak with a cannabis-trained nurse to help you get the answers you're seeking.

Leaf411 Background

Leaf411 was founded by Katherine Golden and Jennifer Axcell. According to ablog fromWestword, Each of these women began their medical marijuana journeys separately. Both were medical marijuana skeptics at first. But, they began their research into the therapeutic benefits of medical marijuana because of either their own last resort or the last resort of a family member. The results of their research and experience turned their skepticism into whole-hearted acceptance of medical marijuana.

Katherine and Jennifer met because of the passion and inspiration to share their knowledge. They met as information ambassadors in the cannabis and health-care community in Boulder, Colorado, and came to realize that credible information about medical marijuana is hard to come by. This fact inspired them to team up to create Leaf411.

About Leaf411

Leaf411 is a Colorado nonprofit organization whose mission is to "provide education and directional support to the general public about the safe use of legal cannabis (marijuana & hemp)." Theirvisionis "to make affordable cannabis information from trained medical professionals readily available to everyone."

So, now that there is a valid and reliable source for medical marijuana questions, don't wait for the answers you're seeking and call 844-LEAF411 for FREE to speak with a cannabis-trained nurse.

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Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.