Personally, we think every day is perfect for celebrating the green goodness so readily available to us here in Colorado. But there's nothing quite like a nice canna-day for bringing folks together for a ritualized smoke sesh, perhaps complemented by food, or even gifts.

But First, an Intro to Dabmas...

Before we go into these traditional toker days, we'd like to share a newly emerging player in the canna-holiday space: Dabmas. Conceived by TGS staffer, this one's going on its sixth year with growing adoption.

Originally started six years ago as a way for transplants and partakers to celebrate the holidays while away from their hometowns, Dabmas looks a lot like other late-in-the-year holidays -- complete with Sunday football, cannabis gift-giving, and the proverbial smorgasbord.

Dabmas started with around 6 celebrants, but the movement has grown to 25 with more than 10 different types of infused foods -- everything from cookies to BBQ chicken (you heard right). But Dabmas is for everybody, so of course, the expectation is to have cannabis-free foods, too.

How will it catch on from here? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, read on to learn about more mainstays with their own rich, high traditions. And of course, up first is the one that started it all.

420: The Waldos and the Fliers

We really don't think this one will surprise you. There are plenty ofrumorsfor the origins here, but the likely source is a group of high schoolers (Surprised? Didn’t think so). Legend has it, some guy was afraid of being caught for growing, and decided to dodge the bullet by letting a handful of buddies harvest it – if they could find it. In the '70s, these friends, who called themselves "The Waldos" would light up, then embark on the "treasure" hunt at 420 every afternoon. And, while they never found the crop, continued the ritual. The Waldos then made their way into the Grateful Dead inner circle, where they'd refer to their smoke session as 420.

Years later in the '90s, aHigh Timesreporter received a flier invitation to "meet at 4:20 for 4:20-ing" and was able to publish it in a subsequent issue of the magazine.

Today, April 20th remains a celebration as much as a call to action, when enthusiasts gather not only to partake but to celebrate progress in the legitimization of cannabis across the land.


It's not like you need an excuse to smoke and celebrate, but "710" is upside down for "OIL" and, naturally, makes the holiday perfect for dabbing, vaping, and any other consumption alternative to combustion (smoking, basically).

Other Cannabis Holidays

Hey Hello Highhas a huge list and handy Google calendar widget for quick reference. Below are some marijuana-friendly holidays to note:

February 1st -CBD Day

Celebrating everything about this non-psychotropic cannabinoid for its benefits and versatility.

March 12th -Plant a Flower Day

This one's kind of a reach but hey! A flower's a flower.

April 29th -Willie Nelson's Birthday

(Read the link and see why you get to celebrate twice.) Still mourning the end of 4/20? It's Willie's birthday. Bonus: Willie has his own special reserve product line.

May 17th -World Baking Day

Go big by baking an infused delicacy, or go home and just get baked.

October 10th -World Mental Health Day

This one's a little like CBD day. Why not celebrate the movement for marijuana as an effective treatment method?

There are many more holidays if you check out theoriginal blog postfrom Hey Hello High. In the meantime, why not make today a holiday by lighting one up and adding your own ritual, inspired by Dabmas?

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Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.