Did you attend any of the events we suggested last week? Because we have a brand new, shiny list of things to do in Denver this weekend. (Pro-tip: don't forget some of last week's listed activities are recurring!)

In case you haven't noticed, it's full-on spooky season around town. Halloween is right around the corner, we've already had our first freeze, and everyone is on a mission to find the perfect pumpkin or costume. Personally, I've got the pumpkins picked, bought the candy for trick-or-treaters (twice... thanksCanatella!)

Today, we're bringing you the best options for fall fun all across Denver with (as always!) our perfectly paired #TGS product (#PPP). (But, as always, consume responsibly, and not in public, and do not drive high.)

Friday in Denver

Festival of Color

Salud, amigos! This high-class festival celebrates the colors of Latin culture with music, cocktails, and high fashion. A 21+ event (get that babysitter!) bound to inspire everyone who embraces, is intrigued by, or steeped in the unique cultural aspects of Latin fashion and style.

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Milehicon 51

This three-day event spans the weekend and features over 100 sci-fi and fantasy authors and speakers. Located conveniently in the DTC, you could easily turn this night into a three-day geek-out spectacular.

#TGS #PPP:OurLussocarts are out-of-this-world delicious and basically feature futuristic technology from the future. A perfect complement to the convention theme.

Saturday Around Town

NighttimeTour of Denver's Oldest Cemetery

This one is not for the easily spooked. This tour, held at night with only a flashlight and a tour guide, introduces attendees to famous dead guys buried in our own hometown. Spooky. Bonus points to those brave enough to look at Denver's first Crematory Chamber.

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Fall Festivals

Yes, plural. One located inAuroraand one locateddowntown at a mansion(uhm, yes please?!). Both events feature face painting, fall-themed beverages, food, and general fall-themed funtivities (festivities and fun... we're working on it).

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Sunday Scaries (The Fun Kind)

Bloody Mary Festival

Attention vampires and those who like vegetables with their alcohol: The Bloody Mary Festival is happening THIS WEEKEND. Conveniently beginning about the same time you need these hang-over cures (10:30am) in Denver, attendees will have the chance to try Denver's most innovative Bloody Marys crafted by the best local restaurants. Cast your votes for your favorites and get in on the fun!

#TGS #PPP:Absolutely do not bring the really convenient, flavorless, infusedRipplepowder with you to add to your drink.

Fall Flannel Fest

The Dairy Block is at it again! This free event celebrates one of Colorado's most infamous styles: flannel. So grab your Uggs, scarves, and flannel, and head on out for live music, games, and Milk Market drink specials.

#TGS #PPP:What's a better combination than flannel and s'mores? Maybe a campfire, but you can get off to a good start by pre-gaming with aNectarbee S'mores Truffle.

In conclusion, get out there and enjoy this beautiful state! We have18 convenient locationswhere you can pick up any of our #PPP (all of which offer online reservations!).

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