The cannabis industry is here and based on rapidly expanding national acceptance, it's here to stay. Such exponential growth for an infantile industry (albeit with ancient roots) has created a brand-new space perfect for putting innovative twists on increasingly stale markets. Though arguably in an infantile state compared to other major industries (Hello, Mr. Ford!), the cannabis industry and its booming growth have allowed those with both new and developed careers to make their mark in groundbreaking ways.

That said, we want to acknowledge how cannabis has leveled the playing field for women in the industry. In most US industries, women are still fighting to close thegender gap. The cannabis space has been a respite for the disparity, providing a space where all innovation and ambitions are welcome and encouraged, regardless of the color of skin or types of body parts you possess.

It's important to note that even two years ago, the cannabis space had more equality than it does today. We're already watching traditional gender inequalities emerge as expected, but the key here is that they're not yet as disparaging as other large industries. Recently, the cannabis space has been blessed with multiple different reports demonstrating how cannabis is closing the gender gap:

Vangst recently released a reportdemonstrating how women are represented in cannabis. They maintain a higher percentage than averages of other company leadership roles, and many successful businesses in the cannabis space are exclusively woman-owned and operated.

HighTimes Magazine published an articlepraising a lengthy list of women with successful and compelling careers in the cannabis space. You can find the article here but, in short: These women have entered the cannabis space, wherein the product istraditionally viewed as a male-dominated drug, and have successfully navigated it to operate within the budding industry at a higher-than-average rate compared to their male peers.

What do all these statistics mean?

Essentially, the legal cannabis space has benefits that beyond those that come to mind immediately (e.g. tax revenue, medicinal qualities, etc.). The reason women in the industry is so important is that we are not only breaking barriers regarding legalization to create a global culture of acceptance for the plant, but we are providing opportunities for women and minorities to pave their way on an equal foot in an industry that is just getting started. The playing field is leveled, and women are making their presence known.

For a more in-depth dive on women in the cannabis space, we recommend checking out the independent filmMary Janes: The Women of Weed.

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