What is the Tobacco Law Change?

Here are the facts:

  1. According to the CDPHE, Colorado has thehighest rate of teenage vapingin the nation at twice the national average.
  2. These practices of nicotine inhalation have been linked to amajor health crisis, most notably and publicly, a deadly lung disease that can lead to hospitalization and death.
  3. In a direct response to these statistics, and a unanimous vote,Denver changed the legal age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21. Denverjoins citiesAspen, Avon, Basalt, Boulder, Carbondale, Edgewater, and Glenwood Springs in the adoption of the new age requirement.

What Does This Have to do with Cannabis?

Unfortunately, when the health crisis arose, cannabis vaping was brought into the ring for scrutiny in addition to the more prominent and notorious e-cigarettes and vapes.

What's highly interesting about this rate is that, of all of the cases concerning this "vaping illness,"Colorado has surprisingly few cases(6/380 nationwide). In contrast, other states have exponentially more (Utah, for example, has 42 cases). What's the difference here, and why is it important for the industry?

One word: Legalization.

Several sources, in fact, encourage cannabis legalization as a way toprevent the vaping crisis, because it requires all aspects of consumption to have strict regulations. By the way,Vitamin E acetate, the prominent reason for this illness has never and will never be found in your The Green Solution vape cartridge.

Wait, I thought We Were Talking About Tobacco?

We are. In the grander scheme of things, the age increase for tobacco products is effectively acknowledging tobacco is bad for your health and shouldn't be consumed by children (or anyone, really...).

In this writer and cannabis enthusiast's humble opinion, by raising the tobacco age requirements (see the Tobacco 21 movement), thegovernment and communities are finally acknowledging age-related cigarette crises.

Let's juxtapose this with the legal ages for marijuana, which is 18 for medicinal purposes and 21 for recreational purposes.

Wait. Think about that again.

The legal age to purchase cigarettes is 18, with many states striving for a minimum age of 21, while in legal cannabis states the minimum age for medicinal use of marijuana is 18, and the legal recreational age is 21 (because it's generally accepted that our brains are fully developedby that age).

In short, while many opponents of legal cannabis see cannabis smoking and cigarette smoking on par for adverse health effects,most stateshave recognized and approved a lower cannabis consumption age because of its potential health benefits. Many still are advocating for an increase in tobacco age restrictions because of itswidely proven detriments.

The tides are turning, my friends. Cannabis is in, and tobacco is slowly moving out. Remember, TGS cartridges are hand-crafted with the utmost focus placed on consumer safety, butsmoking isn't your only consumption option!

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Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.