The Green Solution is proud to be the official intake partner for this year's High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado: People's Choice Edition. For the first time in its more than 30-year history, the competition will be open to the Colorado Public and will see the largest pool of judges in history.

Since its inception in Amsterdam in 1988, the High Times Cannabis Cup has painstakingly created the fairest, most transparent contest possible in full compliance with State and Local law. That's where The Green Solution comes in.

As the official intake partner to High Times, The Green Solution is organizing all product into judging categories to prepare Judge Kits that compile all the entries into 10 categories featuring anywhere from five to 28 products in each. And this year, judging is open to the eligible Colorado public (consumers age 21 and older). Those interested in judging can reserve their kit online Prices per kit vary depending on number of entries per category and type of category.

Competition Categories

The Judge Kits contain products for you to judge within the following categories:

  • Indica Flower

  • Sativa Flower

  • Hybrid Flower

  • Pre-Rolls

  • Non-Solvent Concentrates

  • Solvent Concentrates

  • Vape Pens & Cartridges

  • Edibles: Food Items (Gummies, Chocolates)

  • Edibles: Non-Food Items (Tinctures, Capsules)

  • Topicals

Curious how you can pick up a judge kit? The process is easy:

Step One: Reserve and Pick Up

Judges reserve their kit and schedule a pickup at their desired local TGS dispensary location.

Step Two: Judge the Kit from Home

Judges take the kits home for 30 days, reviewing each product and using a High Times online scorecard to write scores and reviews. The URL to the scorecard is provided in the judge kit.

High Times Presents the Awards

After the 30-day period, High Times tallies up the votes and hosts an awards show to announce the winners and deliver all trophies and medals, along with winner artwork for promotion.

And that's not all. To ensure judges' voices are heard (i.e. you, the cannabis consuming public), competitors can request to see all of the judges' reviews for their entries.

When Does this all Happen?

The High Times Cannabis Cup: People's Choice Edition takes place this summer, and kits are available for purchase starting June 13th. Stay tuned for updates and more by following us onFacebookand Instagram @my.greensolution. And check back tomygreensolution.comoften for updates.

Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.