The Central 70 Project is well underway, closing some streets permanently and causing some traffic and blockage that's really trying everyone's patience.

The Central 70 Project set to unclog I 70 and modernize North Denver

The Green Solution wants you to knowwe're still open throughout the construction. That's right, if you're fed up with the bumper-to-bumper and the rubbernecking on the road, we're here waiting with shelves chock-full of flower, concentrates, edibles, and much more.

And if youreallywant to unplug from that grind, check out our viewing area. The rows and rows of trichome-y, green goodness are sure to calm you down before you dive back into rush hour.

TGS Viewing Area

Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.