Hey all! Quick PSA for you:Your dad has enough ties. Seriously, I don't care how eccentric or quirky that one at the department store is, I can almost guarantee he's just going to smile politely and put it into the back of his closet next to the other forgotten wardrobe pieces (looking at you, high school letterman's jacket). So, don't waste your money. Instead, give your dad the trusted experience that only The Green Solution can provide. To make it even easier for you, here are our top seven go-tos:

For the Dad on The Go: Nectarbee Cartridge + Battery

Nectarbee flavored Ultra Pure cartridge

Nectarbee has been diligently working on cartridge refinement and, just in time, has released several new and improved options perfect for everyone, including dad! Try a 3x-refined, terpene-rich flavored ultra-pure cartridge, available intraditional,watermelon, mint, grape, or blue raspberry flavors. Not only are these cartridges higher in potency, but they're also more reliable than ever, just like good ol' dad.

Don't forget the battery! TheNectarbee 3-Heat Penhas a long-lasting battery and is designed for convenience, portability, and discretion. Available in blue, green, black, and pink colors.

For the Beer Lover: Ceria

Ceria marijuana-infused de-alcoholized beer

We know Colorado is a micro-brewery haven, full of tantalizing treats for the most discerning palettes, but why not step up the exclusivity of craft breweries even more with a marijuana-infused beer? Yep, that's a thing, and it's available at your local TGS retailer.Ceriais a de-alcoholized Belgian-style white ale infused with 5mg of cannabis. A perfect cold one for dad to crack open with the boys.

For the Tech Savvy Dad: Quant

Quant Vaporizer

For the most tech-savvy and classy dads out there, theQuant Vaporizeris a technology lover's dream contained in one palm-sized package. Quant uses a quartz chamber, the highest-quality material used in vaporizers, which provides a smooth, natural-tasting vapor for either flower or concentrates. Available in a natural wood or marble finish, dad's smoke sesh will look as good as it tastes.

For the Active Dad: Nectarbee Muscle Balm

Nectarbee Heal Line Muscle Balm

Personally, I'll be buying this one for my dad who, no joke, stays in incredible shape to this day because of Jazzercise.Nectarbee's award-winning muscle balmis created with a precise blend of cayenne pepper and menthol to provide a simultaneous warming and cooling effect that helps soothe tired and achy muscles. So pay back dad's back (say that fast five times) for all those shoulder rides he so generously gave you when you were a kid.

For the Flower Connoisseur: Bonzai

TGS Bonzai Collection Flower

Only the best for the best! The TGS Bonzai strains are our highest quality flower, and dad deserves nothing less than the best. Spoil him with a few beautifulBruce Bannerbuds, or, for a more mellow high, some crossedSour Ghost. He's earned it. After all, he had to raise you,right?

For the Dad with a Sweet Tooth: Nectarbee S'mores Truffle

Nectarbee S'mores Truffle

Upgrade those campfire treats you two used to make together with a heady infusion! Nectarbee's handcraftedS'mores Truffleis infused with an Indica-specific hash oil, and delicately rolled in graham crumbs for a perfectly sweet finish. Each one is 10mg, so why not grab a few, build that fire, and relive your favorite memories together?

For the Fancy Fathers: 24k Gold Cone

24K Gold Cone

For those fathers who have more expensive tastes, we have the classiest of treats: apre-roll made with 24k gold leaf paper. Don't worry, it won't break your piggy bank, but it will make dad feel like the boss-man he is. The cone is filled with .95 grams of the finest TGS flower and burns slow and smooth for a refined and classy experience.

For the Dad Who Has Everything: A TGS Gift Card

Still in need of inspiration? No worries, we sell gift cardsat all our locationsin increments starting at $5 up to $500, so dad will be sure to find himself the perfect gift from you.

Everyone at The Green Solution wishes all the dads and the families they support a Happy Father's Day!

Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.