Our team here got pretty excited when we asked them about their favorite edibles. As diverse as they are in their interests, skills, and personality, so too are their edible preferences. So we picked a handful of our work-hard-play-hard team members for a two-question, five-second interview called "What’s your favorite edible and why?" Take a cue from the pros' results below and give one of these edibles a shot if you think it's up your alley...

Sweetgrass Buttermelts -- for Micro Dosing Cannabis Edibles

Sometimes all you need is something to take the edge off. That's why I enjoy the 2.5mgButtermelts. These little bites are tasty and, with their microdose properties, come on subtly and stealthily. When I'm home and struggling with writer's block, I just pop a little Buttermelt mint and, usually without even realizing it, experience the subtle mood-boosting properties.

Nectarbee Classic Marble Chocolate Bite -- The Best Flavored Cannabis Edible

Jessica works in our TGS Support Center fielding phone calls from you, our beloved customers, every day. When she's not helping you with your questions, she likes to indulge her sweet tooth with aNectarbee Classic Marble ChocolateBite. A candy connoisseur, Jess says she prefers these edibles because they don't have the notorious hash flavor that lots of edibles can't seem to kick. What do you think? Try some for yourself!

Ripple Dissolvable Powder -- for Adding Cannabis to Any Food

Neal knows all about finding the perfect fit -- he's one of our recruiters! By day, Neal tirelessly chases Unicorns ready to dip their toes in the cannabis pool. With his keen eye for versatility, he favors theRipple Dissolvable Powderwhich, when sprinkled on (or in) any consumable food or drink creates an instant infused snack. Reminder: start by adding this to uninfused foods so you can best manage your experience.

Wana Sour Gummies -- Sour Cannabis Candy for Pucker and a Punch!

Kathy is our catalog manager, so she knows her way around all of our products. Her favorite edibles are the Wana SourGummies, which she can only eat half of at a time because "they are so strong!" Of course for her, only indulging in half is itself a challenge because the sour coating on these treats is so stinkin' good that it takes a lot of self-control to limit her intake to a nibble.

Nectarbee Icicle Pop -- for Convenience

Kevin, another Unicorn-seeking recruiter, is constantly on the move. He packs his days full of phone calls, scheduling, planning, and the list goes on. For him, theNectarbee Iciclesare the perfectly portioned, convenient way to enjoy an edible. He suggests eating as-is or, for a fun twist, adding one to a soda pop! We like this idea... a Cherry Icicle infused into some cola? Yes, please...

Nectarbee CBD Chai Hazelnut Truffle -- for Balancing Your Mood with Cannabis

The verdict is in. TheNectarbee CBD Chai Hazelnut Trufflewins as top Staff Pick. Three of our team members claimed this as their favorite edible. Why? Unanimously it's because of the 1:1 CBD to THC ratio in each candy. Not only do these hand-crafted truffles taste uh-mazing, but our staff each claimed that the incorporation of 10mg of CBD with the 10mg of THC in each truffle helps ease the onset of effects and helps reduce any pesky paranoia. Our Office Manager extraordinaire Gina says that her second runner-up, boasting similar properties, is theIncredibles Black Cherry Bar. Why not try both and see what you think?

Feeling inspired by one of our staff picks, or ready to indulge in your own favorite edible? Stop by any one of our 18 convenientTGS locations, or reserve online and pick up in the Express window!

Quick Fact

Curing Cannabis Plants- This very gradual drying process involves moderate humidity and mild temperatures, preserving the dimensionality of cannabis plants and the consumption experience. The better and more gradual the curing process, the more sophisticated a grower's yields become, including preserved aromas, flavors, and potency.