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Wewatta St @ Union Station

1.3 Miles

1995 Wewatta Street
Denver, CO 80202

Alameda Ave @ West Denver

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2601 West Alameda Ave
Denver, CO 80219

Kentucky Ave @ Glendale

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4151 East Kentucky Avenue
Glendale, CO 80246

20th Ave @ Edgewater

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6020 West 20th Avenue
Edgewater, CO 80214

Grape St @ North Denver

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4400 Grape Street
Denver, CO 80216

Federal Blvd @ Westminster

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6681 Federal Blvd
Denver, CO 80221

S Federal Blvd @ Sheridan

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3318 S Federal Blvd
Sheridan, CO 80110

E Montview Blvd @ Stapleton

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10195 E Montview Blvd
Aurora, CO 80010

Potomac St @ Central Aurora

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350 South Potomac Street
Aurora, CO 80012

Colfax Ave @ East Aurora

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14301 East Colfax Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011

Peoria Ct @ South Aurora

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3179 South Peoria Court
Aurora, CO 80014

Malley Dr @ Northglenn

11.3 Miles

470 Malley Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233

Quincy Ave @ Southeast Aurora

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19370 E Quincy Ave
Aurora, CO 80015

Gregory St @ Black Hawk

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231 Gregory Street
Black Hawk, CO 80422

S Main St @ Longmont

29.3 Miles

206 S Main Street
Longmont, CO 80501

Water St @ Silver Plume

39.3 Miles

645 Water Street
Silver Plume, CO 80476

College Avenue @ Ft Collins

59.4 Miles

810 North College Avenue
Ft Collins, CO 80524

Mill St @ Aspen

104.9 Miles

106 S Mill Street
Aspen, CO 81611

Southgate Pl @ Pueblo

106.8 Miles

1207 Southgate Place
Pueblo, CO 81004

Hwy 6 & 24 @ Glenwood Springs

126.5 Miles

51701 Highway 6 & 24
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Commercial St @ Trinidad

179.0 Miles

409 North Commercial Street
Trinidad, CO 81082

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420 Formula

Specialty bong cleaner.

710 Cleaner

Specialty cleaner for concentrate rigs.

Quick Fix Plus

A synthetic urine kit with 3 oz. bottle.

Titanium Domeless Nail

A titanium and ceramic nail with a domeless design.

Glass Nail

A glass concentrate vaporizing nail.

Glass Screens

A tiny, glass screen.

Reversible Titanium Nail

A titanium nail compatible with both 14mm & 18mm attachments.

Skilletools Dr. Dab Mini

Mini keychain concentrate tool with rounded tip.

Skilletools Flexy Mini

A mini keychain concentrate tool with flat tip and curved body.

Skilletools Gold Digger

Double-ended concentrate tool with shovel and pointed sides.

Skilletools Gold Mini Scoop Dogg

Small scoop gold finished mini keychain tool.

Skilletools Scoop Dogg

A cupped, scoop-style tool with flat end.

Titanium Nail

A titanium concentrate vaporizing nail.

Skilletools Mini Scoop Dogg

A mini keychain concentrate tool with small scoop design.

Atmos RT Plus Cartridge Set

The 510 RT Cartridge Plus, designed to work with waxy oils.

DNA Glass Xtract

Concentrate collector by DNA Glass.

Mini Nectar Collector

Compact nectar collector.

Ceramic Carb Cap

All ceramic carb cap for concentrates accessories.

Titanium Carb Cap

Titanium dabber with carb cap.

Titanium Honey Bucket Nail

Concentrate nail with retractable chamber.

Skilletools Dr. Dab Silver

A narrow concentrate tool with rounded tip.

Ceramic Nail Female

14mm and 19mm All In One

Ceramic Nail Male

14mm and 19mm All In One

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

Heated loading and slicing concentrate tool.

Nectar Straw

Your concentrate experience…streamlined for you!

Honey Dabber II

Wooden dabbing unit with Titanium "straw."

Honey Dabber Quartz Tip

Replacement Tip for Honey Dabber II.

Plastic Grinder

A lightweight, easy-to-use, plastic grinder.

Metal Grinder

An easy-to-use metal grinder.

Alpaca Grinder

High Quality Aluminum Grinder.

Phoenician Grinder

High Quality Aluminum Grinder.

TGS 2 Piece Metal Grinder

Reduce your cannabis in style...with a TGS-branded grinder!

Incredibowl l420 Large

Indestructible design and smoother, cooler hits.

Incredibowl M420 Small

A pocket-sized smoking device with an indestructible design.


Wooden smoking kit with one-hit pipe.

Journey Pipe

Magnetic, detachable pipe.

OG Chillum

High-quality, glass chillum pipe.

Twisty Blunt

Glass Blunt with specially designed auger chamber.


Weed-themed novelty stickers.

Cannabis Fantasy Coloring Book

A cannabis-themed adult coloring book.

Ganja Kitchen Revolution Cookbook

Culinary cannabis instruction by The Ganja Kitchen Revolution.

Beyond Buds Book

A book about the different forms of extracted marijuana.

Marijuana Chef Cookbook

A cannabis-themed cookbook.

Marijuana Grower's Handbook

A comprehensive marijuana cultivation guide.

TGS Pint Glass - Making History

Custom print TGS pint glass.

Bicycle Hemp Cards

Bicycle brand playing cards.

Weed Card Game

Novelty card game.

Good Weed Bank

Novelty storage container.

TGS Shot Glass - Making History

Custom design TGS shot glass.

TGS Pint Glass - 5280

Custom print TGS pint glass.

The Emperor Wears No Clothes

An authoritative history of hemp, by Jack Herer.

TGS Pint Glass - Everything is Higher

Custom print TGS pint glass.

Crocheted Foot Bag

Rasta colored crocheted Foot Bag with hemp leaf embroidery.

TGS Suede Foot Bag

Five panel suede foot bag filled with sand.

TGS Flyer - Black

Durable plastic flyer with TGS logo.

NectarBee Pin

Our very own Hector the NectarBee hat pin.

Leaf Pin

One-of-a-kind TGS Leaf hat pin.

The Green Solution’s first custom hat pin.

BHO 710 Pin

The perfect hat pin for hash oil enthusiasts.

Darth Vapor Pin

Embrace the dark side with a Darth Vapor hat pin.

iBlaze Pin

iBlaze, uBlaze, we all Blaze hat pin.

Interstate 420 Pin

Unique hat pin with highway shield sign design.

Just The Tip Pin

The perfect hat pin for any dedicated dabber.


Reversible wear OIL/710 hat pin.

Super High Pin

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a hat pin!

Taking Dabs Pin

A must-have hat pin for every concentrate king.

THC Farmers Pin

The ultimate hat pin every THC Farmer needs.

TGS Pet Leash - Rasta Leaf

Custom TGS Leaf design in Rasta colors.

TGS Pet Leash - You Mean Roll Another

Custom TGS Leaf design with a fun, kitschy message.

TGS Rope Chew Toy - High Flier

A custom Rope Chew Toy for dogs.

TGS Pet Bowl

Plastic pet bowl.

NectarBee Earbuds

Earbuds featuring the NectarBee logo.

TGS Shot Glass - Gold Leaf CO

Custom design TGS shot glass.

TGS Shot Glass - Mary Jane

Custom design TGS shot glass.

TGS Shot Glass - Mile Marker 420

Custom design TGS shot glass.

TGS Pint Glass - Gold Leaf CO

Custom print TGS pint glass.

TGS Pint Glass - Mary Jane

Custom print TGS pint glass.

TGS Pint Glass - Mile Marker 420

Custom print TGS pint glass.

TGS H2Go Bottle

Custom white on black print water bottle.

TGS Heat Changing Tumbler

TGS print, color changing tumbler.

NectarBee Heat Changing Tumbler

NectarBee print, color changing tumbler.

Pop-Out Flask

Custom TGS leather-bound flask with built-in shot glass.

NectarBee Keychain Bottle Opener

Aluminum opener with NectarBee logo.

NectarBee Bottle Opener

Custom logo NectarBee bottle opener.

TGS Bottle Opener - Great Buds

Custom design TGS bottle opener.

TGS Skull Bandana

Custom TGS Smoking Skull Pattern with Border.

NectarBee Pint Glass

Custom print NB pint glass.

TGS Gift Bag - Small

Black gift bag with leaf pattern.

TGS Gift Bag - Medium

Black gift bag with leaf pattern.

Keep Calm Greeting Card

Themed greeting card.

Big Bong Theory Greeting Card

Themed greeting card.

We Want Weed! Greeting Card

Fun card in black and white.

Happiness Grows Greeting Card

Card with cheerful message.

Mary Jane Greeting Card

Colorful greeting card.

Birthday Cake Greeting Card

Cannabis themed greeting card.

Rasta Leaves Sunglasses

Colorful eye wear.

Colorado Sunglasses

Colorado themed eye wear.

TGS Plaid Sunglasses

Themed eye wear.

Ganja Blocks Game

TGS novelty game.

TGS Playing Cards

Make a statement at your next poker game.

Leaf Air Freshener

Pot leaf shaped freshener.

Peace Sign Air Freshener

Groovy scented freshener.

Blueberry Bud Air Freshener

Scented, flower shaped freshener.

TGS Pint Glass - If We All Had a Bong

Custom print TGS pint glass.

TGS Shot Glass - Rainbow Leaf

Custom design TGS shot glass.

TGS Pint Glass - Grape Crush

Custom print TGS pint glass.

TGS Shot Glass - Grape Crush Ceramic

Custom design TGS shot glass.

TGS Pint Glass - Locally Grown

Custom print TGS pint glass.

TGS Shot Glass - Black Ceramic

Custom design TGS shot glass.

Bottle Cooler - Mustache

Humorous bottle holder.

Bottle Cooler - NectarBee

Black and gold themed drink holder.

Bottle Cooler - Argyle

Neoprene drink holder.

Can Cooler - Happy Hour

Fun drink insulator.

Can Cooler - Sugar Skull

Trippy drink holder.

Can Cooler - NectarBee Oil 710

NectarBee branded drink insulator.

Can Cooler - Flower

TGS themed insulated drink holder.

TGS Foldable Flask

Convenient and portable drink holder.

TGS Red Solo Shot

Plastic themed shot glass.

TGS Cork Coasters

Set of highly stylized graphic drink coasters.

TGS Fusion H2gGo® Bottle

Clear green water bottle.

TGS Leaf Bandana - White

Pearl white, themed bandana.

TGS Bandana - Mr. Nice Guy

Fun and humorous novelty item.

TGS Bandana - Camo Colored Leaves

Themed pot leaf camouflage.

NectarBee Bandana

If you love cannabis concentrates, announce it with this NectarBee bandana.

TGS Leaf Money Clip - Brass

Sleek, leaf embossed currency holder.

TGS Leaf Money Clip - Silver

Sleek, leaf embossed currency holder.

Comb - Pot Head

Green TGS themed comb.

Comb - Swirls

Elegant themed comb.

TGS Magnet Set

Set of TGS inspired magnets.

TGS Bluetooth Magnetic Earbuds

High quality wireless headphones.

TGS 3-in-1 Lens Kit

Smartphone camera lens set.

TGS Mini Selfie Stick

Portable camera phone extension.

TGS Pop Socket Combo Set

Styled stand for phone or other accessories.

Bone Shaped Chew Toy - TGS

Give your dog the gift of green.

TGS Retractable Leash

Adjustable dog leash.

TGS Leopard Print Leash

Animal printed leash for pets.

TGS Footprint Flip Flops

The most comfortable footwear around.

TGS Beer Pong Set

Set includes festive party cups and ping pong balls.

TGS Bandana - Circle Leaf

Themed novelty item.

Sunglass Holder

Humorous Sunglass Holder in Green.

TGS Suede Leaf Footbag

Five-panel hand-stitched suede around loose packed sand.

TGS Digital Print Footbag

The classic cure for couch lock.

Marijuana Mandala Coloring Book

Twenty complex designs sure to stimulate the artist in you!

The Stoner's Coloring Book

Fun, mind-altering illustration opportunities on every page.

NectarBee Toiletry Bag

Accessories Tote Bag.

Master Kush Pouch

An odorless, portable solution for your favorite bud.

Can Cooler - Hash it Out

Hash It Out TGS-branded Can Cooler.

Can Cooler - Locally Grown

Locally Grown TGS-branded Can Cooler.

Dog Bag Holder - Best Buds

Dog Bag Holder with built-in Flashlight.

Tennis Ball - Best Buds

Best Buds tennis ball.

Bone Shaped Chew Toy - Ree-Fur

Humorous Dog Chew Toy.

Tennis Ball - Love

Tennis Ball Toy for Dogs.

Carabiner - Hooked on Chronic

Themed Carabiner Clip.

Can Cooler - Branch Manager

Insulated Custom Can Cooler.

Can Cooler - Snow Squall Macro

Insulated Custom Can Cooler.

Can Cooler - Stay High-Drated

Insulated Custom Can Cooler.

High From Colorado Greeting Card

Humorous Colorado Greeting Card.

High Wishes Greeting Card

Humorous Birthday Card.

Ho Ho High Greeting Card

Holiday Greeting Card.

Namast'ay High Greeting Card

Marijuana Themed Greeting Card.

Under the Weather Greeting Card

Marijuana Themed Greeting Card.

TGS Pint Glass - Nug Life

Custom Design Pint Glass by TGS.

Stainless Steel Bottle - Stay High-Drated

Refillable TGS-Branded Bottle.

TGS Designer Belt - Cannaflage

Designer Belt with Marijuana Theme.

TGS Bottle Opener - Stay High-Drated

Custom Bottle Opener by TGS.

TGS Digital Print Foot Bag - Rasta

Pass the footbag on your left-hand side…but use your hands to pass that palm blunt!

TGS Ornament 2018 - Rudolph

The Green Solution’s 2018 red ornament features Rudolph, the red-eyed reindeer who is obviously under the influence!

Elements Papers 1-1/4''

A booklet of 50 rice rolling papers.

Elements Paper/Tip Combo

Rolling paper kit with papers, tips, and tray.

Elements Rolling Tips Wide

A booklet of 500 wide paper rolling tips.

Pure Hemp Papers 1-1/4''

A booklet of 50 pure hemp rolling papers.

Randy's Roots Papers

A booklet of 24 wired hemp rolling papers.

Randy's Wired Papers

A booklet of 24 wired rolling papers.

RAW Papers 1-1/4''

A booklet of 24 all natural rice rolling papers.

RAW Rolling Tray

Metal rolling tray from RAW brand.

RAW 300's

A pack of 300 unfolded RAW 1-1/4'' papers.

RAW Organic Papers 1-1/4''

A 1-1/4'' rolling paper made from organic hemp paper.

Zig Zag Original

A booklet of 32 rolling papers, single width x 70mm.

Zig Zag King

A booklet of 32 rolling papers, 1-1/4'' x 100mm.

Zig Zag Ultra Thin

A booklet of 32 ultra thin rolling papers, 1-1/4'' x 78mm.

Zig Zag Papers

A booklet of 32 rolling papers, 1-1/4'' x 78mm.

RAW Artesano

Hemp rolling papers, complete with tips and tray.

TGS Premium Hemp Papers

TGS Branded Hemp Rolling Papers.

Cyclone Clear Cone - Blueberry

Natural cellulose fiber clear cones with Blueberry flavored filters.

Cyclone Clear Cone - The Purple Unknown

Natural cellulose fiber clear cones with "Mystery" flavored filters.

TGS Premium Unbleached Papers

When you need natural rolling papers, TGS Premium Unbleached Papers fit the bill.

Jay's Tips

Glass Joint Tips.


A plastic ashtray with built-in poker.

Glass Debowler

A glass ashtray with built-in poker.

TGS Bic Lighter

Bic lighter with The Green Solution custom print.

Newport Butane

A 10 oz. can, for butane torches or lighters.

Scorch Torch

A Scorch brand butane torch with storage tank and base.

Lighter Bro

Multi-tool sleeve for BIC lighter.

Newport Torch Regular

A 6'' refillable, adjustable torch for use with concentrates.

Newport Torch Jumbo

A 10'' refillable, adjustable torch for use with concentrates.

Newport Torch Mini

A 5-1/2" refillable, adjustable torch for use with concentrates.

I-Tal Hemp Wick

A clean burning flame source for all smoking enthusiasts.


Sample item shown. Styles, size and colors may vary.

NB 3-Flame Portable Torch

Small and convenient torch.

Glass Blunt

Piece by Grav Labs

NB Tabletop Torch

A reliable, tabletop torch with a sleek, NectarBee® branded design.

Wake n' Bake Mug

Mornings started off the right way.


Classic apparatus with an updated finish.

Futurola Filter Tips

Environmentally friendly filter tips for the perfect joint.

Elevate Dugout

High Quality Woodgrain Dugout.

Smoke Buddy - Original

Smoke-smell reducing tool.

Stash Can

Discreet storage container made from recycled materials.

Silicone Container

Individual cylinder-shaped silicone concentrate container.

UV Glass Jar - Small

UV Glass Flower Jar with screw-on lid.

UV Glass Jar - Medium

UV Glass Flower Jar with screw-on lid.

UV Glass Jar - Large

UV Flower Jar with screw-on lid.

Glass Pop-Top Jar - Small

Glass Flower Storage Jar.

Glass Pop-Top Jar - Medium

Glass Flower Storage Jar.

Glass Pop-Top Jar - Large

Glass Flower Storage Jar.

Atmos Adapter Converter 510

Converts Atmos batteries to 510 threading.

Vapor Stones

Allow the user to smoke concentrates using a traditional glass pipe.

510 USB Charger

USB charger for 510 thread pen.

Atmos Raw/Rx

Portable, rechargeable vaporizer for full-melt concentrates.

Atmos Raw Junior

Rechargeable, portable vaporizer for full-melt concentrates.

We Vape Bubbler Attachment

510 thread vaporizer accessory.

Atmos Boss

Dry herb stainless steel portable vaporizer.

Atmos R2

Vaporizer for dry herb and concentrate.

Atmos B16 Battery

1600mAh battery designed to connect to 510 cartridges.

Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit

Low temp vaporizer pen for concentrates.

Atmos Jump

Powerful dry herb vaporizer pen.

Dr. Dabber Boost

Portable, battery powered eRig with hard travel case.

Atmos Kiln Attachment

All ceramic heating attachment for vaporizing waxy concentrates.

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer™ Herbal Vaporizer-Electric Candle tabletop vaporizer.

Dr. Dabber Aurora

Magnetic locking vaporizer pen in matte black.

Atmos Kiln RA Kit

Popular ceramic attachment now comes in a kit!

Atmos Forge Plus

Ceramic attachment for retaining flavor and consistency.

Atmos i50 Box Mod

Upgraded high powered battery for cartridges and attachments.

NB Autodraw Vape Pen

Stylish NectarBee pen in a sleek carrying case.

Puffco Pro 2

Slim vaporizer with Sesh Mode capabilities.

Puffco Plus

Concentrate Vaporizer with Ceramic Chamber.

Snow Cloudz Dab Box

Portable, Mini Dab Box

Vuber Nova Vaporizer

Variable Temperature Vaporizer with Convection Heating Chamber.

Toke n' Toss

No rig? No problem. This disposable vaporizer goes where you go and goes away when you want!

NectarBee 3-Heat Pen

Customize your concentrate cartridge experience with a variable heat setting battery pen from NectarBee®!

NectarBee Pilot Vape Kit

Pilot Vape Kit by NectarBee.

Atmos MR50

A smart, 510 threaded battery with customizable wattage and voltage settings from Atmos.

PAX Era Pen

An elegant pen by Pax for elite experiences.

Quant Vaporizer

A sleek vaporizer for use with flower or concentrates.

Poke 'N Smoke

Metal tool instantly creates a bong out of a water bottle.

Standard Mouthpiece

Interchangeable mouthpiece for Grav Labs Stax.

Helix Mouthpiece

Interchangeable mouthpiece for Grav Labs Stax.

Halo Perc

Interchangeable halo percolator for Grav Labs Stax.

Coil Perc

Interchangeable coil percolator for Grav Labs Stax.

Tree Perc

Interchangeable tree percolator for Grav Labs Stax.

Circ Perc

Interchangeable circ percolator for Grav Labs Stax.

Glycerin Perc

Interchangeable glycerin perc for Grav Labs Stax.

Straight Natural Base

Interchangeable straight natural base for Grav Labs Stax.

Beaker Base

Interchangeable beaker base for Grav Labs Stax.

Flare Base

Interchangeable flare base for Grav Labs Stax.

Turbine Base

Interchangeable turbine base for Grav Labs Stax.

Disc Base

Interchangeable disc base for Grav Labs Stax.

Joint Clips

Durable joint clips for Grav Labs Stax.

Bubbler Conversion Kit

Bubbler conversion kit for Grav Labs Stax.

The Martian Joint Bubbler

Compact bubbler designed for joint or blunt.

Lusso Voltage Control Battery

This state-of-the-art rose gold vape cartridge battery adjusts to your wattage and temperature preference for a luxury experience!

Lusso Variable Voltage Battery

Burgundy in color, this 3-heat setting quick charging battery is the ideal tool for vaping Lusso’s pristine CO2 oil cartridges.

Cabaret Bluetooth Speaker - Leaf

TGS themed wireless speaker.

Snowboard Wax

NectarBee Board Wax

Snowboard Tool

Multipurpose TGS themed tool.

Cheech & Chong Pin

Hat pin featuring the iconic smoking duo.

Rope Chew Toy - Best Buds

Chew Toy & Flyer for your Best Bud.

TGS Shot Glass - Everything is Higher

Custom design TGS shot glass.

Butane Lighter Refill

18 mL bottle of refillable lighter gas.

PAX Era Pen

An elegant pen by Pax for elite experiences.

TGS Ornament 2019 - Santa's Stash

The Green Solution’s 2019 red ornament is emblazoned with a cannabis leaf and features the saying: “Let's Get Lit”.

TGS Ornament 2019 - TGS Snowflake

The Green Solution’s 2019 purple ornament is emblazoned with a weed leaf snowflake pattern.

RAW Cones

A six pack of pre-rolled hemp cones with tips.

Auto510 Pen/Charger

A 510 threaded vape pen battery with charger.

Jane West Black Compact

Sophistication in a sleek and dank package.

TGS Cityscape Bluetooth Speaker

Custom engraved TGS branded speaker.

Vapor XL

Table top vaporizer.

Snow Cloudz E-Nail

Control your concentrate experience with an E-nail from Snowcloudz!

TGS Glass Jar

Custom print glass jar with lid.