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Dr. Dabber Ghost Kit

Introducing the Dr. Dabber portable vaporizer, a low temp vape pen with accurate temperature control. The stylish and stealthy design means you can take it everywhere without worrying about being noticed. Dr. Dabber features high quality components that create a powerful, efficient pen that produces a smooth, dense vapor. Their low heat, high resistance titanium technology ensures your product will never combust or burn. Utilizing a low temperature means you get to enjoy the full terpene profile from your product. The unique recessed coil makes loading the chamber easier and limits excess leakage. Dr. Dabber stays focused on minimizing health risks and maximizing flavor.

Kit includes:

  • Dr. Dabber Lithium Ion Battery
  • Dr. Dabber Ghost Attachment
  • Extra Ghost Atomizer
  • Dr. Dabber Dab Tool
  • Dr. Dabber "Shatter Proof" Silicon Ball
  • Dr. Dabber Ghost Manual
  • USB Charger