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Blue Dream x Barberry Brute Seeds

If you are just starting out as a first time grower, or you are adding a new strain to an existing setup, the first step is selecting the best seeds. In order to grow the most potent and effective medicine you need the best genetics. (GREEN)® Seeds were created to provide our customers access to premium quality Cannabis. Each strain is hand selected based on their look, flavor, yield, and effect. We selected Blue Dream for its legendary blueberry smell, high yield, and mild high. Its counterpart, Barberry Brute, was selected for its early resin production and spicy flavor. Together these strains create a well-balanced hybrid with excess resin production, a non-sedative relaxing high, and unique flavors of fruit and spice. This cross is extremely hardy and will quickly dominate a room if unchecked. When taken care of attentively, you can expect to harvest 1-1/2 to 2 pounds of Cannabis from each plant. We currently have single seeds and 6-packs available. Inside each seed pack you will find detailed seed germination instructions. We recommend following these instructions carefully to ensure optimal health and development. Please note: seeds are unavailable to medical members.

Lineage: Blue Dream (female) x Barberry Brute (male)

Flowering Time: 65 days

Yield: Averages 110-130 grams per plant

About (GREEN)® Genetics: (GREEN)® Seeds proudly offer Colorado's Finest Genetics by crossing The Green Solution's most popular strains with a proprietary male that is hand selected for its high yield and resin production. We are committed to producing the finest quality seeds for medical and recreational consumers. All of our crosses are unique, vigorous, and stable. Our premium quality genetics are perfect for first time growers and experienced cultivators alike. (GREEN)® Seeds are sold exclusively through The Green Solution.

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