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Golden Goat x Barberry Brute Seeds

In order to grow the most potent and effective medicine you have to start with the best genetics. That's why our Research and Development team focuses on helping our customers understand how to cultivate premium quality Cannabis. Each strain is hand selected based off of look, flavor, yield, and effect. When we selected a female Golden Goat to cross with a male Barberry Brute we knew it would create an award-winning pair. The specific cut of Golden Goat we used won 1st place Shatter in the People's Choice Awards during the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup. This strain has become popular because of its distinctive citrus flavor, energetic high and ability to reduce stress. Golden Goat is a favored strain among growers as well; it is easy to grow and continues to be an abundant, consistent producer. As the strain matures you will notice increased resin production, indicative of its father; Barberry Brute. This cross exhibits a full spectrum high, happy and uplifting cerebral effects, followed by powerful pain relief. We currently have single seeds and 6-packs available. Inside each seed pack you will find detailed seed germination instructions. We recommend following these instructions carefully to ensure optimal health and development. Please note: seeds are unavailable to medical members.

Lineage: Golden Goat (female) x Barberry Brute (male)

Flowering Time: 60 days

Yield: Averages 90-100 grams per plant

About (GREEN)® Genetics: (GREEN)® Seeds proudly offer Colorado's Finest Genetics by crossing The Green Solution's most popular strains with a proprietary male that is hand selected for its high yield and resin production. We are committed to producing the finest quality seeds for medical and recreational consumers. All of our crosses are unique, vigorous, and stable. Our premium quality genetics are perfect for first time growers and experienced cultivators alike. (GREEN)® Seeds are sold exclusively through The Green Solution.

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