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Pure Shatter

Colorado can't get enough of this award-winning concentrate! Our team of skilled extractions artists make our NectarBee Shatter in house with extreme attention to detail. The process starts out by slowly purging dry product in a vacuum oven. Next, our team places it directly in a closed loop system where it is extracted. At the end of this process the Shatter comes out of the extractor looking like clear, golden glass. NectarBee Shatter is well known for its transparent consistency and high potency. We recommend dabbing our Shatter, but you can also use it as a bowl topper. Shades of gold, honey, and amber give each individual batch we make its own, unique appearance.Awards:2013 The Hemp Connoisseur Awards Concentrates-CBD - Patient's Choice - Shark Shock CBD ShatterConcentrates-CBD - 2nd Place - Shark Shock CBD Shatter2014 High Times Cannabis CupPeople's Choice Cup: Hash - 1st Place - Golden Goat Shatter from Infuzionz2014 710 CupIndica Shatter - 1st Place - Blueberry x Grape Ape2015 High Times Cannabis CupPeople's Choice Cup: Hash - 1st Place - Sour Diesel Shatter from The Green Solution

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