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Half & Half Elixir

Dixie Elixirs are extremely popular because of their ability to produce potent, premium quality medicated products. They also have no artificial coloring, brighter flavors and less sugar than your traditional sodas. Every drink is bottled in their exclusive CR can that keeps your beverage nice and bubbly even after it’s been opened multiple times. On top of each bottle is a convenient dosage cap. Inside the cap there is a volume marker indicating 5mg and 10mg servings. Be aware, it may take thirty minutes to two hours until full effects are noticed. We recommend starting with one 5mg serving and then waiting up to two hours before consuming a second dose.

Product Details:

  • Triple Lab Tested
  • CO2-Extracted THC
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • Custom Cap for 5mg or 10mg Doses
  • Exclusive CR Bottle Holds Carbonation

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